Massage Services

Medical massage is the manipulation of superficial and deep layers of muscle and connective tissue. Massage enhances function, promotes relaxation, and aids in a patient’s overall well-being. Medical massage can decrease pain and increase motion and circulation. Massage also relieves stress and postoperative pain, reduces anxiety, relieves tension headaches, promotes better sleep, lowers blood pressure, and may improve your overall quality of life.

Blake & Associates has two licensed medical massage therapists on staff who offer one-hour massages in our office. Massages can be specialized to meet personal needs and goals. Our massage therapists are trained in relaxation, deep tissue, pre-natal, fertility, and Swedish massages. They use a variety of techniques and tools to encourage relaxation and elongate the muscles.

Getting a Massage

Payments may be made by cash or check for massages. Blake & Associates does not submit medical massage appointments to a patient’s insurance company, but may provide a receipt for applicable reimbursement as your insurance policy allows. Patients are responsible for checking their insurance policy to see what is covered, obtaining a prescription as their plan dictates, and submitting the payment receipt to the insurance company.

Massages are scheduled through Blake & Associates’ front desk. Please call our office at 513-661-6555 and ask the front desk about scheduling one today!